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Chris Lockyer, as if he didn't have enough on as chairman and coach, can also supply high quality tennis equipment to members and non-members alike. Whatever you need, give him a ring or send him an email

Racquet perhaps made of wood!? The old wooden racquets were amazingly crafted... I remember the one I used as a Junior! Nothing wrong with the old racquets - just a tad heavy now!

New designs of racquet come out every year across a large price range. Chris is linked with Tecnifibre, a French company with impeccable credentials in terms of racquets, strings, balls, world ranked tennis players and tournaments. To see what all that means, please visit Tecnifibre for a browse.

For more information call Chris on 01900 822305 or 07900 286 909

Racquet stringing
Any string can be sourced! Federers string is very popular - Luxilon Big Banger combined with gut. Gut is very pricey so thats replaced with a more cost effective synthetic string!

Racquet grips can be replaced. Also, racquet grips can be enlarged - a good way to go if you suffer from tennis elbow.

  • RACQUET RE-STRING. These range from £15 - £40 depending on the type of string used.
  • There are basically two types of string: monofilament or multifilament (this includes gut).
  • Multifilaments are more expensive and play simlar to a racquet strung with real 'cow-gut'.
  • Monofilaments are very good and can come with or without an outer wrap around the string itself. String can also be hard or soft which is why some players prefer a hybrid, or combination of two different strings in the racquet, giving it unique playing characteristics.
  • Re-strings available for Squash and Badminton racquets as well.
  • Racquets can be stencilled with your initials or logo at no extra charge. (Black, red or green ink!)
  • The tension of the string in your racquet can be checked using a highly accurate 'mini-string-computer'.