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coaching for adults and juniors


Chris Lockyer is an LTA Licensed coach. Chris has years of experience in playing and coaching the fine art of tennis and even spent a year at a David Lloyd indoor sports facility in Hull coaching adults and junior players.

Chris has been running Junior Tennis Camps during the schools holidays in Cockermouth for over 7 years now. The kids enjoy the warm-ups and group games as they are great fun. They are then split into there different abilities and can play matches in a round-robin format. If friends specifically want to stay together then that is no problem.

Over the past few years Chris has taught and still does teach complete beginners through to advanced players. Playing tennis is definately more fun when you are the master of the ball and racquet and can get them to behave! Three local tennis club champions had lessons with Chris and currently one of his junior players is in the Cumbria County Squad and is doing very well. It is predicted that this paticular junior will envitably win the local club championship and go much further should he wish to. Chris has taught him since he was six years old - he is now 14.

Above all else the main aim of any coaching is make tennis more fun and enjoyable to play!

Playing tennis runs in his family; his grandfather, Chas Lockyer, was a tennis coach back in the 1920's - one of the first professional players - and not allowed to compete. One of his pupils was a chap by the name of Fred Perry - the last British man to win Wimbledon! You will not have heard of Chas Lockyer because to play at Wimbledon you had to be an amateur. If an amateur was seen to have coaching from a professional it was deemed as 'cheating' so it was all done behind closed doors! Chas also was coach to the Spanish Royal family he set up the first Spanish Davis Cup Team. Although Chris has yet to do that, he can provide excellent coaching at all levels - give him a ring  or email if you want to improve your game! You'll be amazed at how quickly you can improve. Old dogs can learn new tricks! - its a lie that they can't! You don't have to be an old dog either!

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Junior coaching takes place on Fridays and Saturdays. These are organised according to age/ability/where you friends are!

One-to-one coaching is also available to bring players 'up-to-speed' if they are worried.

Junior group coaching sessions under the control of LTA/PTR Licensed coach Chris Lockyer.
There is a charge for each hourly session at £3.50 per player. Sessions run in line with school terms.