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welcome to the virtual home of cockermouth tennis club

Thank you for visiting, we hope it was intentional!

You are very welcome to come along for social tennis! - Great to see all the new players at the first social of the season!

Cockermouth Tennis Club needs YOU!

If you are a rusty player with a dusty racquet with dodgy strings, don't worry about that and come along to any social evening on Mondays or Thursdays at 6.30pm. You are all very welcome and it would be great to see you!


Membership is less than £1 a week for adults and less than 40p a week for Juniors! Amazing value when you consider you have the courts available to use at most times! All membership fees are put into the club funds for improving the facility, so the more people that join the more we can do! The more members the more influence we will have within the Grasmoor Sports Centre!

Covered Courts?

The centre had permission to put a 'bubble' over the three courts which sadly lapsed due to lack of funds. This can easily be reapplied for as soon as we are ready! The problem with a bubble (essentially a constantly inflated plastic bag) is that it can be vandalised very easily as has happened with the new one in Carlisle. I feel that they could/should have gone for one of the options below.

Could the the future for Cockermouth Tennis Club be covered!? Possible covers are a Coprisystem a Rubb structure or a Velderman cover.

The Veldeman system

Vedeman system

Veldeman outside viewVeldeman inside

This can have sliding windows as well for the Summer months.

The Copri-system

Coritech drawing

Also with sliding sides!

The Rubb system




.Easter camp pic

Now imagine this photo with one of the above covers!










The Grasmoor Steering Committee has plans (as can be seen in the Development Plan) for an indoor tennis facility here at the centre which includes resurfacing, tennis only markings and a new tennis only clubhouse! This is part of a proposed Development Plan for the centre as a whole. We are at  the early stages and of course money is a major 'can-do-factor'.

If the funds were available, we could have 3 indoor courts within 3 months - so, if you happen to be a millionaire with a handy £350,000 who would like to get a fantastic 3 court project off the ground, which has a positive influence on young people and families - we would like to talk! There are many positive benefits to indoor facilities, namely, the weather is no longer a problem and our young stars can train properly.

chairman : Chris Lockyer

secretary : Jane Hunter

treasurer : Nick Fleming